Alternatives for Capital Allocation

Success of your business often depends on decisions you make on capital allocations from your retained earnings. Learn how to analyze financial opportunities.

How to Apply for a Loan

Learn the basics of applying for a loan, including how to determine whether you need a loan, and what banks require for providing a business loan.

How to Finance Your Business

Take this training to learn how to finance your business, how to determine how much money you need and how to choose among small business funding sources.

Leasing Equipment

Leasing equipment may be a better option for your business's equipment financing options. Review advantages and disadvantages of equipment leasing.

Loan Repayment Calculator

This calculator doesn't measure performance, but rather shows what the monthly repayments would be for a loan of a given amount over a given period at a given rate of interest. This will be very helpful when considering borrowing from a lender.

Managing Debt

Analyze your business's financial situation and decide whether you need to seek debt financing to manage your debt.

The 7 “C’s” of Credit

Are you ready to apply for a credit? Evaluate yourself in terms of capacity, cash flow, capital, collateral, character, conditions, and commitment.