Creating an Effective Job Description

Creating a good job description before you begin the hiring process can help you choose the best candidate from a pool of applicants. Follow these tips.

Hiring: Do You Know How to Pick Them?

Expanding business? Not sure how to hire new employees? This article offers tips on the hiring process, which may facilitate your employee recruitment efforts.

Managing Employees

In this session you will learn about employee management nuances, ranging from how to write job descriptions to legal considerations.

Projected Staff Scheduling

This worksheet will enable you to compute the number of employees you will need to start your business and make arrangements for a weekly time period.

Sample Applicant Rejection Letter

One challenging part of the hiring process is informing an applicant that he or she will not be getting the job. Find attached a sample rejection letter.

Sample Employment Application Form

Hiring a new employee? Download our Sample Employment Application Form that helps you finding the right person for the job that you offer.

Sample Job Description Form

Attached is a sample job description form. The three examples may serve as a starting point for creating a position description of your own.

Sample Non-Compete Agreement

When an employee leaves your business, protect yourself by having an ex-employee sign a non-compete agreement. Find a sample non-compete agreement here.

Sample Offer Letter

Sending an offer letter may be the most exciting culminating moment of the hiring process. Here you can find a sample offer letter.

Tips for Successful Interviewing

When you're hiring employees for your business, you have to conduct interviews to identify the most qualified candidates. Read tips for successful interviewing.