Marketing Plan

Create Your Marketing Plan

Whether your company provides products or services, your marketing plan is essential to your success. Use this marketing plan template with our expert advice.

Marketing Mistakes - Avoid If You Can

Marketing Mistakes can easily cost your business a fortune in terms of money and prospects.  Here is a checklist of 5 mistakes commonly made in marketing.

Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix is a framework that helps business managers to develop a marketing strategy for their business.

Marketing: Back to Basics

It happens with many print ads: great visuals, catchy headlines, but no subsequent brand-recall whatsoever.

Opportunity: When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

While some brands react in a rather traditional approach of competing on prices, other brands are successfully turning the economic downturn into opportunities by focusing on providing additional value and creating long-lasting differentiators.

Segment Your Audience

Customer segmentation is understanding customers' unique characteristics and behaviors. Evaluate your customers against five criteria discussed in this article.

Should You Outsource Your Marketing Organization?

Outsourcing non-core business functions such as accounting, bookkeeping, or human resources management is gaining momentum in Jordan as more and more companies are relying on professional service providers that perform these functions better and a