A Reason to be Nervous in the Markets?

The US economy, the world’s largest, is now almost four years into its recovery. The country’s jobless rate fell from 10 percent in October 2009 to 7.5 percent as of April this year.

A True Entrepreneur

Agrochemicals Market

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Car Accessories

Case Study - Growth in troubled times

Growth in troubled times: How does a business grow in troubled times like these? Markets are tough, financial markets are uncertain...can businesses find ways of growing and profitably too?

Cloud computing and IaaS

In a rapidly expanding market like India, the rise of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is clearly no surprise. However, SMEs often face the challenge of fast-changing IT business processes and seasonal spikes, coupled with tight budget constraints. In such a scenario, can there be a single solution for such a business challenge? The answer lies in solutions like InstaCompute, which are based on Cloud computing model.

Going guerrilla in marketing

History is full of guerrilla war stories where tiny, unadvanced armies handily defeat much larger and more heavily armed opponents and win.

Green is Cool

Green Practices @ Work

Idea to Paper- Dreams to Reality

Having spent more than 3 years at TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs – Delhi Chapter) & now in my current entrepreneurial assignment as a core team member of an active startup which is venture

India Ahead

India Ahead Grant Thornton’s quarterly snapshot of India's economic and business outlook: In the quarterly survey covering medium to large privately held businesses (PHBs) and a small proportion of small to medium listed companies, a strikin

Integrating MSMEs with the Global Value Chain

Grant Thornton India LLP developed the report in association with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). The correlation between our economy and the MSME performance has never been more aligned.

Is this the right time to start your business?

Is it now the right time to start a business? A tricky question at this moment when a slowdown affecting us all. Well you should believe me, it is right now a great time to start a business.

Mentoring Insights

Profile Of A Winner

Risk Manager


The common perception of an entrepreneur is that he is a risk taker. But  Dr. Mathew J Manimala has a different view.

SMEs – Need to Become Ambidextrous

Sustainable growth is the one of the biggest challenges of SMEs today. Top management in most SMEs end up spending most of their quality time in managing the current business, sparing very less time to create business for tomorrow.

Sticking to basics

How does one plan for uncertain times and continue to grow? How does one deal with a demoralized team?Here is an interview with Mr.

Strategies for growth

Grant Thornton: Strategies for growth, a biannual journal that explores ways businesses can navigate the current economic climate and unlock growth.

Surviving Challenging Times, Mr. Prabhakar Valivati

TechEdge Report

Grant Thornton report: TechEdge a newsletter focused on providing leading-edge insights on the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry in India.

The Basics of Intellectual Property

Strategic concerns related to Intellectual Property (IP) can differ widely by industry, type of innovation, size of business entity, and level of funding.

The Pareto Story

I would like to dedicate this article to Dr.Joseph M Juran who passed away recently on the 28th of Feb 2008; he was 103 years old and was physically and mentally active until his death.

The Problem of Debt

The global economy might be springing back to life, but debt looks set to be a major problem for emerging economies.  

Why boring CEOs succeed