Business Planning

Business Planning

Business Plan Template - SME toolkit India provides business plan format like template to help business owner. Business plan format improve to make best possible plan to get more success in business.

How to Choose and Work with an Attorney

As a small business owner, at some point you will probably need legal advice. Having a attorney on call may be beneficial. Learn how to work with an attorney.

How to Create a Business Plan

Explore why a business plan is important for your business and how to create one by watching this eLearning video!

Initial Cash Requirements

Calculate the amount of cash you need to start a new business using the initial cash requirements worksheet.


Learn about different types of small business insurance.

Location and Leasing

Learn about how to choose the right location for your business, choose from leasing vs purchasing options, and download the commercial leasing checklist here.

Opening and Marketing

Follow this suggested checklist to complete all must-do's before opening your business and marketing it to your customers.


Deciding on the type of business organization you should establish? This article will help you understand the business types and help you in your choice.

Sample Business Plans

Creating a business plan will help you visualize and better organize your business. Use these three sample business plans as your starting point.

The Business Plan

Learn how to write a business plan by looking at various aspects of the planning process.