Buying or Franchising

Basics of Buying a Business

If you are thinking about buying an existing business, you need to thoroughly examine it. Learn the basics of buying a business.

Business Valuation Methods

There are a number of instances when you may need to determine the market value of a business. Try any of the valuation methods described in this article.

Buying a Business or Franchise

Not sure how to go about buying a business or a franchise? Follow this step-by-step process to be successful in your small business endeavor.

Franchise Agreement Checklist

When purchasing a franchise, you have to understand the terms of a franchise agreement provided by a franchisor. This franchise agreement checklist may help.

Franchising Basics

Considering your own business? Franchise is one of your options. Learn the basics of franchising and get advice on how to operate a franchise.

Writing a Partnership Agreement

In a partnership, it is highly advisable to have a formal, written partnership agreement. This article lists key points this agreement should cover.